ExSite Series Dip Switch Settings


ExSite Series Dip Switch Settings

ExSite Switches

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Pelco Cameras


  • IPSXM-2
  • IPSXM-7


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The ExSite provides Dip Switch Settings to configure the receiver address, termination, and baud rate setting. The DIP switches to configure these settings are located on the top of the power module.

ExSite Switches

The Default dip switch settings from factory are according to Figure:

D Address 1
P Address 2
Comm 2400


Protocol Settings

The ExSite system automatically detects the type of protocol. No switch settings are required to set Coaxitron or RS422 P and D protocols.

Receiver Address Settings (SW1)

Address of camera is configured by SW1 switch selection. View the following pages for: Protocol Receiver Address Chart

Termination Setting (SW2)

When connecting more than one ExSite system to a single controller, terminate the unit farthest from the controller. Termination is only required for the last unit in the series. The unit is shipped from the factory in the unterminated OFF position. To Terminate the unit, set the SW2 switch to the ON position.  

Baud Rate Settings (SW3)

SW3-2 ON enables CM9502 Mode.

View the following image for the attached label view: Label View