When using the ControlPoint client software on a DSSRV, Live view and quick review playback of analog cameras have a limited frame rate.


A customer is using the ControlPoint client software on a DSSRV server and would like to view a higher frame rate than 10IPS for live view or 15-20IPS from quick review of analog video.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV 7.4.363 and newer
  • ENC5416


High CPU utilization was noticed on DSSRVs used as a client and server. To alleviate this, ControlPoint uses a video stream with a lower frame rate for analog cameras. To access this stream, ControlPoint  uses UAC to elevate its privilege to Administrator and the lower frame rate stream is automatically selected.


If you would like to view the maximum allowed frame rate for your analog cameras, click No on the UAC prompt when launching ControlPoint.