Does the QD104C have looping outputs?


Does the QD104C feature video looping output options?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • QD104C
  • QD104M


Looping video from QD104C to DVR.


The QD104 Series Quad features Looping BNC outputs that are located as the bottom row of bncs. To configure a system for looping:

  1. Set the video termination (5) switches to Loop HI-Z when looping video to another device.
  2. Connect the loop-to device to the QD104 looping output (2).
  3. Configure the loop-to device for 75 ohms.

The video loop input/ouputs do pass Coaxitron signal from other devices. The QD104C does not generate a Coaxitron signal internally.