How to adjust Focus and Zoom of the BU6 series camera.


How do I adjust Focus and Zoom on the BU6 camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • BU6-IRWV50-6
  • BU6-IRWV50-6X


Adjustment of focus and setting the field of view for camera.



The BU6 camera can be set for ZOOM and FOCUS by adjusting the externally located phillip set screws. Focus can be fine tuned by accessing the cameras FOCUS ADJ menu option and seeing the internal focus range parameter change as the camera tries to focus itself. The focus can not be changed by the in-camera menu, only by the external screw sets.

Camera Menu Access and Navigation may be viewed here: BU6 Menu Nav


  • Adjusting fully Wide (Zoom Out) will set cameras maximum area of view at 6 mm. (Angles of View: Horizontal 43.9º, Vertical 33.2º)
  • Adjusting fully Tele (Zoom In) will set cameras maximum are of view at 50 mm. (Angles of View: Horizontal 5.7º, Vertical 4.3º)


  • Adjusting camera for Near and Far provides scene focus for the configured Tele/Wide area of observation.


Note: Use Caution when adjusting Tele/Wide and Near/Far so as to avoid damage to the lens.