Connecting an Analog Composite Video signal to a TV instead of a monitor.


  • I cannot get video from my Genex Multiplexer onto my large screen monitor. How come it will not work?
  • Can I connect my Multiplexer to my TV?

Product Line

Pelco Monitors, Pelco Matrix


MX4000 series Genex Multiplexers: MX4004, MX4009MS, MX4009MD, MX4016MS, MX4016MD, MX4016CS, MX4016CD


With the advent of larger and larger screen flat panel monitors/TV's, and the switch from analog to digital has happened over time, no one is aware that Analog video cannot be input into a TV; especially a larger screen monitor without converters in between


In order to get video from a Multiplexer onto a large screen TV, or, a TV in general, the following will apply:

  1. Analog, composite, video at 1Vp-p is NOT a digital signal. There is NO resolution to the output as it is strictly raw, analog video.
  2. A TV has a comb filter that allows for channels of video to be input so that you can selectively watch them; just as you would tune your radio to a certain frequency/channel to listen to.
  3. Most TV's are larger screen, higher resolution flat panels without any input whatsoever for CCTV applications and therefore should NOT be used. However, in the event that it is a MUST to use the TV purchased, then there MUST be a channel modulator in between the Genex Mulitplexer and the TV. At the same time, there MUST be a conversion from BNC to whatever input the TV requires (HDMI; DVI-x; VGA; etc.). This may require several devices to get the conversion correct.