DX Series Client display flickers (flashes) and goes black when viewing live video after adding multiple video camera streams from DX8000/DX8100 DVR Recorders.


  • DX Series Client Installer V v starts to flicker after adding 21 video camera streams on the On Screen Display connecting to a DX8000 DVR Recorder.
  • DX Series Client Installer version starts to flicker after adding cameras into display  from more than one DVR in site tree. 
  • DX Series Client displays Pixelated video.
  • Video appears when dragging the DX Series Client window around the screen but disappear with a static view.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


DX8000/DX8100 Series Digital Video Recorders

  • DX Series Client Installer Software V


  • PC Workstation video drivers are not updated.
  • PCworkstation hardware doesn't meet requirements for graphic rendering.
  • Bandwidth throttle is too low on the DX8000/DX8100 DVR Recorders.


In order to stop the flickering on the DX Series Client Installer V and V, you can perform one of the options shown below.

  • Confirm the video drivers on the PC Workstation computer is the current version.
  • Adjust the bandwidth throttle on the DX8000/DX8100 DVR Recorder.
    1. Log in as the Administrator   'admin/admin'
    2. Click on the Tools Icon.
    3. Go down to the Network tab.
    4. Move the Bandwidth Throttle bar to the far right (max bandwidth). 
  •  Enable the Direct Draw feature on the DX Series Client Installer software.
    1. Launch the DX Series Client Installer Software and enter the password (000000) six zeros.
    2. Click on the VIEW tab.
    3. Click on the Direct Draw tab to enable. (If grayed out, verify PC meets requirements)
  • If none of the above work then an older version of DX Series Client (v1.0.1) will need to be used or ControlPoint will need to be used.

        1. Uninstall current install of DX Series Client and download and install DX Series Client v1.0.1.  

        2. Download and install DS ControlPoint using this article. Where can I download the latest version of  DS ControlPoint client software?

        3: Upgrade to Dedicated Graphics.