How many BACnet points (subscriptions) can you have in a ES


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Enterprise Server (ES) can not cope with any more than 1800 subscriptions

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


  • All StruxureWare Building Operation versions up to 1.4.1
  • All Windows versions
  • Enterprise Server


If you have more than 1800 subscriptions the ES is not able to do all subscriptions within 5 hours. We select 5 hours because SmartStruxure subscribes to the values with a lifetime of 5 hours.

An example of this would be a site with 2000 subscriptions. To subscribe to all values SmartStruxure needs 5:33 hours. This means that Value1 will loose its subscription after 5 hours, 33 minutes later will get a subscription again. So with the current configuration Building Operation can't handle more than 1800 subscriptions, which is not enough. (explained in LL#14726)


  1. As a work around for this problem, edit the "" file.
  2. To enter this, first close your Workstation and stop the Enterprise Server running.
  3. Then find the file called "" this is normally located in "C:\Program Files\Schneider Electric StruxureWare\Building Operation 1.x\Enterprise Server\etc\"

  4. Open it in notepad and add the lines below under "# Set GenericConsume communication defaults"
    NspServer.BACnetPlugIn.COVSubscriptionLifetime entry = 28800
    NspServer.BACnetPlugIn.COVTimerPeriod entry = 5

  5. Values are in seconds i.e. 8 hours = 28800 seconds
  6. Save changes and close the file.
  7. This will have changed the default values from 5 hours to 8 hours and 10 seconds to 5 seconds.
  8. This will, in effect, increase the subscriptions from 1800 to 5760 (subscriptions explained in LL#14722)


There is a possibility that this has now been fixed in the form of a hot fix in specific versions of StruxureWare. For this information and for a hot fix if available please contact PSS with the details of your site

Note: This issue has now been fixed which is included from version 1.4.2 and on.