Device Utility 2.3 notification of The Firmware Version On This Device Must Be At least 1.7 to Allow For All Configuration Options.


Device Utility 2.3 is displaying a notification to update firmware version of the SD4N23 series for full options.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Device Utility 2 (version 2.3)
  • SD4N23-PG-1 (with either of encoder cards TXB-IP or 6103-006A)
  • BB4N-PG         (with either of encoder cards TXB-IP or 6103-006A)
  • 6103-006A       (version 1.02.0018)
  • TXB-IP              (version 1.02.0018)


Using Device Utility 2. Prompted to update camera firmware.


Spectra IV IP (SD4N Series) will initiate the notification from Device Utility 2. The notification of firmware update is designed more for Sarix IP camera series and not the Spectra IV IP. General use and functions of the Spectra IV IP are not impacted by the notification.