DS WebService installation hangs when installing on the DSSRV


DS WebService installation hangs at 75% completion when installing on the DSSRV

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV v7.4.320
  • DSWebService v2.0
  • Pelco Mobile App v2.0.0-1664


DSWebService installation hangs when IIS 7.5 Express is installed on the DSSRV


  1. Open Task Manager and look for these services running in order to kill the process as the installation will never complete.

  2. Attempting to remove the failed DS WebService installation will hang showing 3 seconds remaining but never goes further.

  3. Launch Programs and Features to remove the IIS 7.5 Express

  4. Once the IIS 7.5 Express is remove then you can remove the DS WebService and reinstall properly