How to configure the DSSRV to communicate with a Bosch LTC 0948/25C PTZ camera?


How to configure the DSSRV to communicate with a Bosch LTC 0948/25C PTZ camera?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV - All versions
  • DS Xpress - All versions
  • DS RealVue Xpress - All versions
  • Bosch LTC 0948/25C PTZ camera v5.31 or later


Need to connect Bosch LTC 0948/25C PTZ camera to the DSSRV.


NOTE: Both the Pelco controller and AutoDome must be configured before connecting the devices together. The AutoDome will respond to Bosch OSRD, Pelco-D, and Pelco-P commands.
The Pelco Mode only supports RS-485 protocol. It will not transmit responses to commands it receives.

Set the Bosch LTC 0948/25C to Pelco Protocol Mode:

The Pelco Protocol Mode provides support for Pelco-P and Pelco-D protocols, and is incorporated in AutoDome firmware version 5.31 and higher. It features Auto Baud Detection which automatically detects and adjusts the AutoDome protocol and baud rate to match the controller’s. Only a Bosch VP-CFGSFT firmware upload tool (sold separately) can be used to install a firmware upgrade to the AutoDome. The only way to verify the cameras firmware is by using a Bosch Controller, to confirm the firmware version on the monitor, use ON-66-ENTER.

  1. RS-485 Setup
    To use the Pelco Protocol Mode, the AutoDome must be configured for RS-485 operation.
    1. Set the AutoDome configuration S105 dipswitch  #2 to ON.

    2. Connect the RS-422 controller Tx+ terminal to the AutoDome’s RxD terminal.
    3. Connect the controller’s Tx- terminal to the AutoDome’s TxD terminal.
      Note: Click here for DSSRV wiring drawing.

  2. Set Addresses
    • Pelco-P protocol must use addresses 1-to-32.   (baud rate 4800)
    • Pelco-D protocol must use addresses 1-to-254. (baud rate 2400)

To Change the communication setup for RS-485 in the BOSH  TLC  0948/25C using the appropiate controller/keyboard you must unlocock the Auto Dome menus.

  1. press OFF-90-ENTER
  2. COMMAND: UNLOCKED should briefly appear at the top of the monitor.
  3. Enter the Setup menu using ON-46-ENTER.
  4. Use the joystick to move down to Communication Setup menu and press FOCUS on the controler keyboard.
  5. Press and realease FOCUS until the desired baud rate appears.
  6. Press IRIS to save and exit.

If it is not possible to access the AutoDome’s Setup Menu at the present baud rate (i.e. the baud rates of the controller source and the AutoDome are mismatched), then the Auto Baud detection feature can be initiated by rapidly repeating PTZ  movements or focus/iris commands for several seconds which causes the AutoDome to lock onto the controller’s baud rate and protocol. This can take up to 60 seconds or more depending on the difference between the two baud rates.

Bosch LTC 0948/25C User Manual