IMPxxx series Sarix camera spare parts.


  1. What is the part number for the trim ring for the new IMP319 cameras?
  2. I want to convert my Pendant mounted IMPxxx-1P to a surface mount and need the ring; what is the part number?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


IMP series Sarix cameras (IMP219, IMP319, IMP519, IMP1110, IMPS1110)


No published information as of yet for the new IMP series Professional Sarix model cameras.


The following parts apply to the IMP Professional series Sarix cameras:

  • IMPBB-I - In-Ceiling mount
  • IMPBB-S - Surface mount ring
  • IMPBB-P - Pendant mount hood/ring
  • IMPBB-EI - Environmental In-Ceiling mount
  • IMPBB-ES - Environmental Surface mount ring
  • IMPBB-EP - Environmental Pendant mount adaptor

ALL of these are FIN-Y and must be released at time of sale but are able to be ordered nevertheless as the part number above.

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