C20 camera reset.


How do I reset my C20 camera?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • C20-CH-6
  • C20-DN-6
  • C20-CH
  • C20-DN


This can be used as a troubleshooting step in case the settings inside the C20 are unknown or were changed by accident with unknown variables.


To reset the C20 camera:

  1. Press and hold inward the joystick to open the camera Main Menu.
  2. Use the UP/DOWN functions of the joystick to move the cursor along side the NEXT option.
  3. Press inward on the joystick to enter the NEXT sub menu option.
  4. Use the joystick DOWN function and cursor next to CAMERA RESET
  5. Press inward on the joystick to RESET camera.
  6. See Menu Tree Navigation Here: Menu Tree For Reset


  • Camera will reset all settings immediately with no on screen indication. A reset may be verified by confirming camera defaults. Reference - C3902M C20 manual.
  • Menu Tree will differ between models for options.