How to run a pattern on KBD300A, KBD200A, KBD4000 or KBD4002


How to i start a programmed pattern with KBD300A,KBD200A, KBD4000 or KBD4002

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Matrix


  • KBD300A
  • KBD200A
  • KBD4000
  • KBD4002


How do you Initialize a pattern that is programmed in the camera with KBD300A, KBD200A or KBD4000


  1. Select the camera you wish to run a pattern for.
  2. To run a pattern, press the pattern number  (example 1)  and then press the pattern button quickly don't hold the pattern button down.
  3. To stop the pattern move the joystick on the KBD300A or KBD4000 to stop the pattern on KBD200A or KBD4002 press a pan/tilt button.