Enable / Disable DS ControlPoint Alarm Popup.


DS ControlPoint not displaying motion alarm on a new window.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV v7.4
  • DS ControlPoint v7.4


  • Alarm Popup is not enable and configured in DS ControlPoint.
  • Alarm popup is enable and creating a new tab or taking over the display, this guards don't need to see the alarms.


To display a motion alarm in a new window, Alarm Popup must be enable in DS ControlPoint.

  1. Launch DS ControlPoint (C:\All Programs\Pelco\DS ControlPoint)
  2. Click on the Setup icon (3-monitor icon)
  3. Click on Alarm Popup
  4. Notice Alarm Popup is currently DISABLE.

  5. Click on the X (with a red circle) to enable Alarm Popup.
  6. Notice the status changed to Alarm Popup is currently ENABLE.

  7. Place a checked on "Show motion alarms".
  8. Select a Display option:
  9. To show the alarm popup on a new window select "Show alarm in new window".

To Disable Alarm pop-up in DS ControlPoint:

  1. Launch DS ControlPoint.
  2. Click on the setup icon.
  3. Click on Alarm pop-up.
  4. Click on the Green circle with a checked on it.
  5. Return to live video mode.