Pelco Analog PTZ cameras that feature coaxitron control.


PTZ Protocols and Coaxitron control

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra IV
  • Spectra Mini PTZ
  • Esprit
  • ExSite IPSXM


  • Add a PTZ camera to a coaxitron system
  • No 2-wire data control available
  • Existing installation


The Spectra IV, Spectra Mini, ExSite IPSXM, and Esprit Series PTZ cameras have the ability to receive a coaxitron signal.

Coaxitron is Pelco's proprietary protocol format for pan/tilt/zoom control of a camera over coaxial cable. Various manufacturers feature the ability to communicate with a camera through the coaxial cable. The universal name for communication over coaxial cable to a ptz camera is often referred as "Up the Coax".

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