Cannot access DOS applications such as XPSI or PSI from within Network 8000 HOST system


Error message displayed when booting the Network 8000 HOST computer indicating that the DOS file system cannot be initialized or a message displayed indicating that QDOS file is busy.  If these type of messages are displayed while the HOST system is booting, the DOS applications including PSI will not be available from within the HOST system.

Product Line

TAC I/A Series, Other


Network 8000 HOST Software versions 6.x or 7.x


During bootup, the HOST software initialization checks for the presence of a PC-DOS partition on the computer's hard drive.

If this PC-DOS partition is found, the command files needed to access PC-DOS are created or modified based on the partition number containing the PC-DOS operating system.  If the system is physically rebooted by power cycling or a power fail occurs, one or both of the PC-DOS control files may be left in an unusable state.


The following steps can be used to correct this issue.

  1. Exit the Host by entering a q at the Host Login. At the QNX Login enter superman for both user and password.
  2. At the $ prompt enter the following four commands, pressing the Enter key at the end of each command:
      chattr /cmds/start_dfs s=-b
      chattr /net_8000_cmds/mount_xdos s=-b
      frel / cmds/start_dfs
      frel /net_8000_cmds/mount_xdos
  3. Re-boot the HOST