Pelco IP camera error Unable to update the IP Address configuration.


 Error(s) occurred updating your network configuration.

  •  Unable to update the IP Address configuration.
  • One or more Manual IPv6 Addresses are not on the same subnet as the Default Router.


The radio button for IPv6 settings is off.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • All Legacy Sarix Cameras firmware versions 1.8.2 and higher.


  • Sarix cameras require a default gateway even if the camera is on a flat network. 
  • Static assignment attempts fail due to firmware corruption.


  1. Be sure to enter a gateway address even if the camera is on a flat network.


  1. Set the camera to obtain DHCP address save the settings, After the settings save successfully, go back and reassign the static IP address, ENSURING that there is a Default Gateway address configured as well. If you are connecting through a flat Network, without Routing, use an IP Address for the Default Gateway nevertheless.
  2. Reset the camera to factory default.
  3. Upgrade the firmware.