What is Pelco Aggregation Server (PAS)?


Pelco Aggregation Server (PAS) Overview

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Multiple Endura Systems
  • SM5200 version with PTZ Support
  • Aggregation VMWare Virtual Machine
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machine
  • PAS version 1.1.0-820.21
  • Pelco Media Plugin version 1.2.0-903
  • Internet Explorer IE9 & IE10
  • FireFox 23
  • Chrome 26
  • See the Matrix of Functionality section below for specific PAS compatibility versions


Pelco Aggregation Server (PAS) Installation Requirements and Overview


Pelco Aggregation Software allows Endura® customers to monitor multiple Endura installation sites via a common user interface. Pelco Aggregation leverages industry-standard virtual machine implementation and creates an aggregation layer that spans multiple Endura systems. A customer’s Endura systems can continue to be operated and managed locally, while the aggregation provides access to any system, from any location, on any device, using standard Web technologies.
Basic Monitoring Tasks
View Status of Devices across systems
Live/Recorded Video
Searching for Recorded Video Clips
Exporting Recorded Video Clips
PTZ Support (Click-to-Center)
Inherited User Account Authentication/Authorization
Localized Language Support
Web Accessible
Pelco Aggregation makes it possible to access multiple Endura systems from any location, on any device, through a common user interface.
Bring interconnectivity to previously independent Endura systems
Ideal for multi-site applications
Extend access to video data to inform decision-making beyond traditional security mission
Leverage existing assets for improved operational efficiency
Software Requirements
Licensing:  Activation Entitlement ID.  Contact Pelco Sales 800.289.9100 extension 2718 or email pelcoinsidesales@schneider-electric.com
Generate License File from Activation Entitlement ID (Response.bin) Login Page  A request.bin file from the PAS software will generate this file.
SM5200 Version 1.3 or higher or version with PTZ support.  Contact Pelco Product Support 800.289.9100 extension 2730 or email endurasupport@pelco.com for latest revision
Aggregation VMDK (VMWare Virtual Machine)  Refer to Pelco Aggregation Products Page > Downloads > Software/Firmware for current download
Aggregation VHD (Microsoft Hyper-V Virtual Machine  Refer to Pelco Aggregation Products Page > Downloads >Software/Firmware for current download
Matrix of Functionality

Aggregation Software Part Numbers
  • AGG-1C (1 CH Pelco Aggregation):  One license is required for each camera channel
  • UPG-AGG-1C-1Y (1 Year Upgrade Plan - 1 CH).  One license upgrade is required for each camera and only required when an upgrade to the SM52000 Aggregation software can provide a new feature, or a feature enhancement.  Otherwise, there is no need to update.


Also See: LL#16135.