What camera series can I use to replace the IS100, IS150, IS210, IS310, ICS090, ICS110 and the ICS150 product lines?


  • What can I replace my ICS100/ICS090/IS100/IS90 series Camclosure with?
  • What is the direct replacement to the IS110 camera?
  • What is the direct replacement to the ICS100 series camera?
  • Is there a direct replacement to the ICS or IS series Camclosure I cameras?
  • I have a Camclosure I series camera and I need the direct replacement for it?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • IS110
  • IS111
  • IS151
  • IS150
  • IS210
  • ICS300
  • IS310
  • ICS090
  • ICS100
  • ICS110
  • ICS111
  • ICS151
  • ICS150
  • FD1, FD2, FD5 series


Discontinued products, need replacement camera.


Please select the links below for comparable devices:

FD1, FD2 and FD5 Series Fixed Domes

FD analog Fixed Domes Mounts spec click here

  • NOTE: The IS20/IS21 and IS50/IS51 cameras are no longer produced and stock may no longer be available.

IS20 / IS21 Series Camclosures spec click here

IS50 / IS51 Series Camclosure 2 spec click here

ICS110/150 Series camclosures spec click here

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