CCTV video troubleshooting basics.


  • Why does my video show lines in it?
  • Why is my video bright?
  • Why is my video dark?
  • Why is there no video from my camera?
  • What coax cable do I need?
  • What are the troubleshooting steps to take to get good video from my camera?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • All analog video producing models of CCTV cameras. (Spectra II, Spectra III, Spectra IV, C20, IS20/21, IS50/51, ICS100, IS100, ICS210, ICS310)
  • RG59U
  • RG6U
  • RG11U


There are many unknown variables to troubleshooting CCTV video problems and this helps to provide a catch-all troubleshooting guide.


A quick troubleshooting guide for CCTV cameras and video related problems can be found here: CCTV video information.


A great reference is CCTV Bob and his sight is located here: