Camclosure2 Brochure is not accurately portraying the images as per the part number.


Is the part numbers and images accurate on the Camclosure2 Brochure on

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


Camclosure2 (IS50-P, IS50-FK, IS20DWS-P, IS20DWS-WM, IS20-P, IS20DWS-FK, IS20-FK)


Camclosure2 Brochure is inaccurate as a reference for Marketing and Sales.


Be aware that the Camclosure 2 Spec Sheet here: C2249M is in fact accurate on part numbers and images.

The Camclosure2 Brochure (C5059B OR 998-6636_US) is NOT accurate. The images here: Inaccurate images as per the part number are NOT accurate and should be referenced on the Spec Sheet (linked above) for correct and accurate ordering of parts and related mounts.