Sarix Legacy devices running 1.9.X will not update or downgrade.


The updates will timeout in Endura Utilities due to the Sarix Legacy device not obtaining an IP Address fast enough from a DHCP server.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Sarix Legacy Devices 1.9.1 - 1.9.X


Endura utilities will timeout and the update will not complete on the Sarix  Legacy  camera.


There are two options to get the Legacy 1.9.X to upgrade or downgrade.

Option One:

Set static IP on the Sarix device see LL#14556
Continue with the update process using Endura Utilities

Option Two:

  1. Log into Endura Utilities using your admin login [Default username: admin, password: admin]
  2. Right click the device in Endura Utilities and select SSH into [Default username: root, password: pel2899100]
  3. Edit the fwupdate file by entering  vi /usr/sbin/fwupdate
  4. Arrow down to the space between check_running_procesess and get_ppm_packages
  5. In the vi editor press the i key to switch to INSERT mode.
  6. Add the following line: sleep 30 Note: Use the number above the letters and not the number pad.
  7. Make sure to align the spacing so it lines up with the other commands. The file should look similar to the following:


  8. Leave INSERT mode by pressing the Esc key.
  9. Press the : colon key (this will take you down to the bottom of the screen)
  10. Save and quit out of the vi editor by entering wq (To close without saving enter q!)

Note: If there are multiple Sarix devices then SCP the fwupdate file out of the Sarix device that was modified and SCP it into the all other Sarix devices.

To SCP the file from the Sarix device the path is  /usr/sbin/fwupdate

To copy the fwupdate file back to the Sarix device the path is /usr/sbin/

For instruction on how to SCP files see LL#11738

Once the fwupdate file has been copied over to the Sarix devices it will need to have the following one time script ran on each them

chmod 755 /usr/sbin/fwupdate

For direction on running one time script see LL#11581  


Now the Sarix device can be updated
To update the Sarix device follow LL#11405