Where can I download the Serial Alarm Auto Clear installers for Digital Sentry?


Where to download the serial input zone alarm clear installers.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry version 7.3.54 or above
  • DS NVs
  • DS ControlPoint
  • Release SerialAlarmClear2.zip
  • Zone


A system recovery has been run the Digital Sentry recorder causing loss of the serial alarm auto clear software.



Click to download: Release SerialAlarmClear2.zip


Instructions for installation on a Digital Sentry system.

  1. Open the ReleaseSerialAlarmClear2.zip file then copy the contents of the ‘Files’ folder to C:\DigitalSentry
  2. If using Windows 7, run the command prompt as an administrator (right click the shortcut and select ‘Run as administrator’) and navigate to C:\DigitalSentry
    1. Run ‘Alarmclear.cmd’
    2. Run ‘AlarmAutoClear.cmd’
      • Username= ‘.\DSNVSUser’
      • Password= ‘Pelco123’
  3. From Services start ‘DigitalSENTRY Serial Alarm Clear Service’
  4. From C:\DigitalSentry
    • For 64bit systems run ‘AlarmAutoClear64.reg’
    • For 32bit systems run ‘AlarmAutoClear32.reg’
  5. From Services stop ‘DigitalSENTRY Serial Alarm Clear Service’
  6. From Regedit navigate to HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Integral Technologies, Inc.\DigitalSENTRY\AlarmAutoClear
    1. Change the value of ‘LogToFile’ to ‘1’ (This will create a log folder in C:\Digitalsentry)
    2. Change the value of ‘Port’ to ‘2’
  7. Exit Regedit and restart the ‘DigitalSENTRY Serial Alarm Clear Service’
  8. In DSAdmin navigate to the VAU then click the ‘Serial Ports’ tab
    1. Add ‘COM1’
    2. Set the Interface Type to ‘Monitor’
    3. Set the First End of Line Character to ’13 -
    4. Set the Second End of Line Character to ’10 -
    5. Place a checkmark in ‘Active’ then click Save
  9. Add a zone. The name must be a two-digit number (i.e. 01)
    1. Click the Camera tab and add a camera
    2. Click the Serial Input tab
      • Highlight COM1 from the left pane
      • Under Unique Zone Text type ‘01Ea’ click Add then click Save.
  10. Navigate to the VAU then click the ‘Serial Ports’ tab
    1. Highlight COM1 then click the Alarm Text tab
    2. Add ‘01Ea’ then click Save
  11. Restart the DS Video Server Service
  12. Launch DSCP
    1. Setup > Application Settings > General
    2. Check the box that says ‘Automatically clear acknowledged system alarms’
    3. Click OK
    4. Click on Alarm Popup and enable it. Select only ‘Show zone alarms’
    5. Click Return to Setup
    6. Under the Alarms tab ensure the ‘Alarm Select’ option is disabled (red)
  13. Using a null modem cable connect to COM1 (bottom port). Connect the other end of the cable to another DSSRV also on COM1
  14. On the second DSSRV launch HyperTerminal (download it) and establish a connection using COM1 and default settings. Type ‘01Ea’ then hit Enter. A zone alarm should have triggered on the first DSSRV.
  15. On the first DSSRV switch the null modem cable to COM2 (top port)
  16. From the second DSSRV’s HyperTerminal session type in ‘01Ia’ (Capital I not lowercase ‘L’). The zone alarm on the first DSSRV should clear.