High CPU utilization on DSNVS and legacy DigitalSentry recorders from wmiprvse.exe process.


This product has been discontinued. For further information please visit pelco.com/support/discontinued-products


A DSNVS or legacy DigitalSentry server system running Digital Sentry software displays Warning: CPU Usage has increases beyond the recommended threshold. This high CPU usage is related to a single process called wimprvse.exe.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS NVS
  • DS1000
  • DSXpress
  • DSRealVue


Once DS Quick Setup has been completed, The Digital Sentry Software activates the System Information program. This is tied into the Front Panel Notifier that is found on a DSSRV. Due to this hardware not being available with the NVS software or the legacy DigitalSentry server, It may cause a memory leak in windows using a large portion of the CPU of the system.

Be sure to verify in server's running processes that FrontPanelNotifier.exe is also running.


The System Information program can be closed from the notification area on the task bar by right clicking on the program and selecting exit.

This process may also be stopped in the task manager of windows by selecting the FrontPanelNotifier.exe process and clicking "End Process".

Note: In Versions of Digital Sentry 7.4.363 and below, launching DS Quick Setup will cause this notifier to restart, and the program will need to be closed again.

As of Version 7.5.609 this program will only start when running DS Quick Setup and selecting "New Setup". It will not start if it is selected to add cameras to an existing system. The 7.5.609 version of Digital Sentry can be found here.