Local Camera groups in DS ControlPoint do not display


When attempting to launch a local camera group that was created prior to the IP address of the DS system changing, no video is displayed but shows the camera inputs. The camera inputs displayed are one less than the VAU input number.

Current configuration using the IP address in a working configuration.


Changing  the IP address of the system to and not making changes to the Local Group, the system is now broken.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


ControlPoint - All versions


The Local Group configured in DS ControlPoint is stored in the ControlPointCache.XML file with the current IP address settings.  When the IP address to the DS system is changed the previous settings for the Local Group cannot be found and hence do not display the cameras associated with the Local Group.


If possible, change the IP address back to the original IP address


You will need to recreate the Local Group with the new IP address.

In order to prevent this issue in the future you can choose to use the DS System's hostname that you are connecting to instead of the IP address.