Webstation and Xenta Server web interface, text size is too large in TGML graphics


  • Font size is very large in Xenta Server and Webstation TGMLs, both in the web interface and when viewing from Vista
  • Text in TGML graphics is too large, it word wraps when it shouldn't

Product Line

TAC Vista


  • TAC Xenta 700
  • TAC Xenta 511
  • TAC Xenta 527
  • TAC Xenta 555
  • TAC Vista
  • TAC Vista Webstation


Windows Font Size is set to more than 100%. It has been found set to 125% as default on some PCs.


In Windows 7 and 2008 Server:

  1. Goto Control Panel -> Appearance --> Display
  2. Click "Smaller - 100%" option and then apply settings
  3. The font in TGMLs should now display normally