How to obtain the Microsoft Windows Product Key ID from a DigitalSentry or VideoXpert unit?


  • How to obtain the Microsoft Windows Product Key ID on the DSSRV.
  • The activation period has expired

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DSSRV Network Video Recorder
  • Video Xpert


This Product ID Key is needed when performing a recovery image or setting up the DSSRV for the first time.


Example: You can locate the Product ID key label on the left hand side of the NVR or top corner of the NVR.


NOTE: On newer models you can locate the Product ID Key on the top right hand side of the DSSRV Network Video Recorder

The Windows product ID will be enter in "Windows Activation" menu.

  1. Left click "Start"
  2. Right click on my Computer 
  3. Select "Properties"

  4. Enter interformation in "Windows activation" menu.

  5. Once windows product ID is enter , "Windows activated" will be displayed.


If the server does not have internet access

If the Windows Product ID is lost:

  • If Windows is accessible then please contact Technical Support at 1-800-289-9100
  • If the system hard drive has been replaced or a recovery has already been run on the unit then a new license part number will need to be purchased:

DSSRV Windows 7 license part number:  SD03-0001-0010