How to remove an unused block of CM9700 Matrix cameras using Pelco System Manager version 9.03.0xx.


Programmed cameras have been removed and are no longer needed.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM9700 Pelco Matrix System version 9.03.0xx
  • Pelco System Manager Program version 9.03.0xx


Cameras are no longer needed.


1. Log into the Pelco System Manager using User: Admin Password: Admin

2. Select the camera tab.

3. Highlight the first camera in the group to be removed.

4. Hold down the shift key and select the last camera in the group to be removed, this will highlight a block of cameras.

5. Go to the file tab and select delete, when prompted confirm that you want to delete.

6. Now check the camera file to verify that the cameras have been removed.

7. Now select the File tab button (top left) and make sure you save the changes, if an error has occurred exit

without saving and start over.