Pendant Mount option for the FD5 series cameras


Pendant Mount adapter for FD5 Series Domes

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • SP-FD5-P
  • FD5-P
  • FD5-V Series
  • FD5-DV Series
  • FD5-IRV Series


Pendant Mount adaption to additional mount using 1.5-inch NPT conduit fitting.


The FD5-P Pendant Mount is specifically designed for the FD5 Series Camera Systems. Designed for outdoor use and for all pendant options for all FD5 models. Made from durable aluminum construction and compatible with many Pelco mounts that feature the 1.5-inch NPT thread. Finish of Powder Coat Light Gray.

  • Consider the SWM-SR for mounting to wall application.
  • Consider the FD5-P with SWM-SR and SWM-PA-GY for pole mount applications.

NOTE: The FD Series has now released other mounting options for this model camera. The part numbers SP-FD5-P and FD5-P are identical in design and are compatible with all FD5 Series Cameras.





Note: The FD5-P and SP-FD5-P reference the same part, but SP-FD5-P is an obsolete reference number. Order the FD5-P.