How to disable the display setting on CM6700


How to get ride of time/date display on CM6700.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


  • CM6700-MXB
  • KBD300A


Time/date overlapping video display.


Disabling the CM6700 matrix video text display:

  1. From the KBD300A or KBD200A, press the PGM button
  2. Enter the factory default password of 2899100 and then press the ACK button.
  3. Move the flashing cursor next to menu option #2 (MONITORS) and move joystick towards RIGHT.
  4. MONITOR #1 is the default entry. Disabling the display for individual monitors is optional.
  5. Move the flashing cursor along right side of DISPLAY.
  6. Press the F1 (or F2) button to cycle through On/Off for title display.
  7. Move flashing cursor down to RETURN.
  8. Move joystick towards RIGHT to return to main menu.
  9. Press the number 9 button to exit menu.