List of TCP and UDP Ports Used by the SM5200


A list of TCP and UDP ports is required for network configuration.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


SM5200 system manager, all versions


Network equipment must be configured to allow traffic destined to these ports.


Service  Port number  Layer-4 protocol Explanation
SSH  22  TCP Secure shell. Used on the eth0 interface, only.
STMP  25  TCP Used to send e-mail.
DHCP daemon  67  UDP Used to assign IP addresses. Used on the eth0 interface, only.
DHCP client  68  UDP Used to request an IP address, if necessary.
Apache (HTTPD)  80  TCP This redirects to the SSL port (443).
NTP  123  TCP Network-time protocol.
SNMP  161  UDP Simple-network management protocol
Apache (HTTPD)  443  TCP Used to serve the web pages on the device
UPnP  2901  UDP SM5000 locator multicast traffic is sent from this port. Sent out the eth0 interface, only.
Mapping Server  3001 to 3002  TCP Used for Endura mapping.
System Logger  4343  TCP  
Java  5001  TCP  
Postgresql  5432  TCP Used to service database queries.
Service Access (SAL)  6666  TCP The SAL management console. Accessed via Telnet from the SM5200 only.
NSA  16005  TCP  
UPnP Endura devices  49152 to 49172  TCP Device description files for the various services running on the SM5200 are served on these ports. Used on the eth0 interface, only.
 Cerberus  57342  TCP The media-server API
 Hydra  57343  TCP The video-export server
 Service Access (SAL)  58880  TCP Receives change notifications for devices, users, roles, and user password changes.
 NSA  59881  TCP Requests for video stored on the NSM are received here
 Video player plug-in  57340 to 57341  TCP Live video is sent from these ports
 Service Access (SAL)  59876  TCP PTZ requests are serviced on this port, determining which user can control a camera.
 Service Access (SAL)  59877  TCP SAL's Serenity API is served on this port.
 Service Access (SAL)  59878  TCP SAL's native API is served on this port. Other SM5200 components use this service to interact with the service-access component outside the scope of the Serenity API.
 Service Access (SAL)  59879  TCP SAL's LDAP functionality served on this port.
 PAL3  59890  TCP Connections to this port are accepted on the eth0 interface, only.
 PAL3  59893 to 59896  TCP  
 System Manager  60000  TCP The system-manager key service
 System Manager  60001  TCP The system-manager UPnP server. Served on the eth0 interface, only.
 Script Manager  60200  TCP The script Manager UPnP services. Served on the eth0 interface only