Channel numbers for 1+5, 1+12 and 2+8 screen layouts for Endura scripts


Which channel numbers do i have to use in the 1+5,1+12 and 2+8 screen layouts?

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Pelco Monitors, Pelco Video Management


Endura WS5200,VCD5200 and NET5402R-HD


Channel id numbers of the 1+5,1+12 and 2+8 screen layouts?


When you want to use Endura's scripts to occupy a certain place of a multiplexed layout on a monitor you have to use channel numbering within the script.
However with the 1+5, 1+12 and 2+8 layouts the counting is a bit different than normal left to right, in the following images are the channel numbers displayed for these layouts:

1+5 Layout     1+12 Layout     2+8 Layout