EH2500 Enclosure Window Replacement


Part numbers for replacing the window of the EH2500 series enclosures

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • EH2508-1, EH2508-2, EH2508-3 
  • EH2512-1, EH2512-2, EH2512-3
  • EH2515-1, EH2515-2, EH2515-3


Window is damaged or excessively worn out. Does not allow good camera view of scene.


Factory assembly of the EH2500 series enclosure is critical to understand for replacing enclosure window:

  1. MF00-2580-001A - Window part number. Attached to the EH2500 with the following parts and points to review:
  2. ZH69-0205-2404 -  Oring part number is used to seal the in between groove of window. This is recommended to be replaced after enclosure long time installation or viewable wear and tare. Replacing Oring with lubrication ensures enclosure seal.
  3. MS03-0101-0550 - Oring Lubricant, 2CC tube. (or Accrolube 230 Silicone applied around outer edge of window)
  4. OL01-0023-0001 -  Cosmetic decal is a non required part attached to outside front of window for cosmetic label appearance.
  5. ZH00-0813-0716  - Captive screw, Button Head self sealing with attached oring. Quantity of two used to attach window to front of enclosure.
  6. EH800610005 - Desiccant Bag. Absorbs moisture.

Tools required for window servicing are listed below. The following are valid Pelco part numbers.

  • ZT-ALLEN1/8 - Wrench 1/8 Allen
  • EH2500 Service Manual may be viewed here: SERVICE MANUAL