Digital Sentry (DS) Health Checklist


What settings can be checked to verify a healthy configuration.

Schedule maintenance procedure for DigitalSENTRY systems.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS NVs


Verify healthy configuration of an operational system.


DS Health Checklist

  • Network Adapter - Verify at least one of the network adapters is connected to a network (very important with the DSSRV, use first NIC).
  • DS Admin - VAU information matches what is configured on the host system:
    • DS Admin > VAU(s) > System name > VAU Info > VAU Computer Name and TCP/IP Address match the servers configured name and IP address.
      • Computer name - Locate the servers computer name by clicking on START > then right-click on Computer and select Properties.
      • IP address bound to the computer name - ping <computernamehere> -4 

        Note: With systems that also have IPv6 installed, add -4 to the end of the command to specify a ping using IPv4. (ping <localhost> -4)
  • DS Admin - Storage Locations - Verify at least one local storage drive is active for storage. Verify default settings in Storage Options.
  • Windows - Services - Verify the following services are started and configured for a Startup Type: Automatic:
    • DigitalSENTRY Storage Service,
    • DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Service,
    • SQL Server (DS_MSSQLSERVER) 
    • SQL Server Browser
    • IntegralSQLAgent 
  • DS Admin - Video Input Devices - Verify the correct capture card is listed and enabled, also that camera inputs are enabled. You can verify the correct capture card in Device Manager.
    • HP3000-16 (DSSRV - ENC5416) - Device Manager > DVR-Devices.
    • ENC5516 (DSSRV/DSSRV2 - ENC5516) - Device Manager > DVR-Devices.
  • DS Admin - User Administration - Verify the logged in user has rights to view assigned cameras in Camera Assignments or other required user access.
  • DS Software & Database Version - Verify database version matches the installed DS version.
    Example: DS 7.2.30 will have a database version of and DS 7.1.90 would have a database version of

    Note: DS 7.5.609's database version is, this is a known issue and will be corrected in future versions.  DS 7.12.156 shows a database version of 7.11, this will also be corrected in DS 7.13.
  • Digital Sentry System Information (DSSI): Digital Sentry DSSRV systems only! Verify the health of both the front panel lights and the software DSSI utility running on the system.
    • Front Panel Light Indicators (Lights from top to bottom order)
      • Unit Status = Green
      • Network Port 1 = Solid/Blinking Green
      • **Network Port 2 = Solid/Blinking Green
      • Software Status = Green
    • Software DSSI Utility (Double-click the System Information icon in the system tray to call up the DSSI health window)
      • System Information icon status = Blue Circle
      • Digital Sentry System Information window
        • System Overview - Overall Status = OK
        • Network Information - Speed = 1000Mbps
        • Software Information - Service Status = Running
        • Drive Information - Drive Status = OK

Note: Use DS ControlPoint > Setup > Alarm Popup > Show DS error alarms to display a complete list of errors reported by Digital Sentry. If the Software Status light needs to be reset or cleared, clearing the alarms in DS ControlPoint will also reset the system tray System Information icon.

* DSSRV SAVR’s (Stand Alone Video Recorder) do not have ODBC configured by default and is not needed; ODBC is required for a distributed configuration.

** If the secondary network adapter is used.

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