Changing the CM9760-KBD Intelligent Keyboard Setup and Define PIN numbers.


Generic PIN numbers are not secure.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


CM9760-KBD Intelligent Keyboard all versions


Generic PIN numbers are published.


To configure the keyboard, you must activate Setup Mode.

1. Set DIP switch 2 ON. The following appears on the LCD display.

2. Enter 1234. This is the default setup PIN. The Setup Mode Menu appears with the

    version number.

1. Select The Advance Setup 1 Menu appears on the LCD display.

2. Select the up finger until you get to the Advance Setup 4 Menu.


3. To change the Setup Pin select DEF NUM enter a four-digit PIN, and then select DEF NUM .

4. Now you must  Confirm.

5. Select DEF NUM enter the PIN again, and then select DEF NUM “OK” appears on the Confirm line.

6. Select Save.

*NOTE* You can also change the Define PIN from the same menu.