SmartSensor Display blank with i2/B3-920s controllers


SmartSensor Display blank with i2/B3-920s controllers

Product Line

Field Devices


SmartSensor, 10K OHM (Type 3) Thermistor for Andover Continuum, LCD, 4-button (on/off, up/down, Celsius/Fahrenheit), blank cover (no logo) with i2/B3-920s controllers

Smart Sensor Part number - TTS-SD-LCD-1 Smart Sensor, Lcd Display, 10K OHM (Type 3) Thermistor For Continuum
TTS-SD-LCD-1 Infinity Smart Sensor 6-Button Keypad
TTS-SD-LCD-4-2 Infinity Smart Sensor 4-Button Keypad
Accurate, reliable 10K Type III Thermistor
• LCD display
• Programmable Keypad
• Built-In service port to be used with the RoamIO-2 Service Tool
• Powered directly from an i2 or b3 Field Controller


Connect new version SmartSensor to i2/b3-920 and write PE Program to display any character. This will render a blank SmartSensor display.


New controller revision of software is expected to correct the SmartSensor with LCD display .

i2 controllers
b3 controller

i1 controller are still awaiting a change to the smart sensors (21 July 2014)

Update Sept 2015
Firmware versions 4.500076 (b3920) and 3.300009(i2920) include this fix.
Smart Sensor also modified for use with i1