How to remove the on screen text display from EHXM30 series?


How to get rid of the on screen text display coming from EHXM30 series.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • EHXM3036
  • EHXM3136
  • EHXM30C22
  • KBD300A


On Screen text display is blocking video image.


  1. Set dip switch on KBD300A to P or D protocol refer to keyboard manual page 26 of  C527M-L (3/04).
  2. Set dip switch on EHXM30 match KBD300A protocol D1/2400 or P1/4800.
  3. Connect data control wires from EHXM30 RX+/RX- will land on KBDKIT TX+/TX-.
  4. Once connection it done using KBD300A controller do Zoom function display text on screen will clear out.