No Oncam Grandeye Configuration Tab in DS Quick setup.


No "Oncam Grandeye Configuration Tab" when adding a Grandeye 360 through DS Quick setup.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry (Version 7.5.609 or higher)
  • DS Control Point software (version 7.5.609 or higher.)
  • Oncam Grandeye 360 (1.3 or higher)
  • EVO Series all Models
  • DS Quick Setup Wizard


  • The Oncam Grandeye 360 ONVIF drivers was selected in the ip camera list in DS Quick setup wizard.
  • Digital sentry version is lower then 7.5.609.


  1. Remove the grandeye 360 IP camera if already added in DS Quick setup wizard or through DS Admin.
  2. Confirm Digital Sentry software is version 7.5.609 or higher. Refer to article LL#12120 to upgrade Digital Sentry software version.
  3. Run DS Quick Setup Wizard.
  4. Select "Add/Remove IP cameras- Keep Existing Configuration" then "Next"
  5. Select "Continuous Recording" then  "Next"
  6. In the IP Camera list select Evolution(Model) Grandeye(name) and setup tabs will appear. (Do not select the Grandeye with ONVIF.)

    • Quality Tab:  shown above in image
      • Compression: H264
      • Resolution: 2144x1944
      • Framerate: 10
      • Quality: 80
      • Note: channel 13 (DS admin "Input on IP Device:13"
    • PTZ Tab:"Enable" and select "Grandeye Database PTZ Driver"
    • Authentication Tab: User and Password is admin
    • Recording Tab: Continuous Recording  
    • Motion Tab:(N/A in version 7.5.609)
    • Audio Tab: (N/A in version 7.5.609.
    • Grandeye Configuration Tab: Select "Virtual PTZ Camera" Orientation is optional.
  7.  Select Next until DS Quick setup is complete.
  8. Open DS Control Point software and confirm live video.

    Note: ONVIF is not supported in DS version 7.5.609.