What partition does Instant Record on the DX4700/DX4800 use to record video?


When using Instant Record instead of schedule recording, what partition is the video recorded to; Normal or Event?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX4700/DX4800
  • DX4700/DX4800 (HD)
  • Instant Record


When installing and configuring a DX4700/DX4800 recorder for the first time, recording partitions need to be created and formatted.


Instant Recording is considered Normal recording and therefore requires a normal partition.  If the Event partition is configured for 100% usage of available storage, Instant Record will not function.

Note:  When configuring the storage partitions on the DVR, the normal partition is not shown.  The normal partition is formatted with the % not used by the Event partition. This means a 100% Normal partition is configured by setting the Event partition to = 0%.

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