Access Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) camera menus using the DVR5100 Series.


How to perform the Preset 95 Command on the DVR5100 Series.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DVR5100 Series all models all versions.


  • Installation and Service.
  • Camera menu Access.


To perform the preset 95 command to enter the PTZ menu. The same directions apply when using the KBD5000 keyboard interface. When using a USB PC Keyboard and Mouse use this chart for key reference.


Using the DVR5100 Front Panel (Control Pad).

  1.  Access the DVR5100 Camera menu.
  2. NOTE - The border of the video pane will be green. If the border is blue, you cannot access the camera menu.  Press Enter/Shift to change the mode from PTZ mode to live view mode.

  3. Press Menu.   A DVR5100 menu appears.

  4. Navigate to the Cameras menu from the main menu, and then select the Camera Menu icon which output the PRESET 95 command.

The PTZ Setup menu for the camera appears. The list of options varies for each camera type.

5.   Navigate the menu as follows:

  • Use the joystick to move through the list of menu options and through the list of settings for each option.
  • Press Enter/Shift  to select or accept an option or a setting. You cannot undo a change once you have pressed this button.
  • To return to a previous menu in the Camera Settings menu, move to the Back command, and then press Enter/Shift.

6.   After you have completed modifying camera settings, move to the Exit command, and then press Enter/Shift.  The Preset 95 camera menu disappears from the monitor.