How to create a camera group in the WS5000 software


Need to create a camera group in the WS5000 software

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura WS5000- All versions


A camera group is desired


  1. Launch the WS5000 software and login as admin.
  2. Right click on a camera that will be part of this new group and choose Modify Settings...

  3. This will bring up the settings page for that camera. At the bottom of the settings page, click Add... under the Camera Groups section.

  4. In the Set Camera Groups menu, click New...

  5. In the Add Camera Group box, enter the desired name and click OK.
  6. The new group should now be displayed in the Set Camera Groups menu.
  7. If additional cameras need to be added to the group, click on Add Cameras... (If not, skip to step 10)

  8. In the Create Camera Group menu, ensure that the newly created group name is displayed next to Label. If it is not, use the drop down to choose the desired group.
  9. Select the cameras on the left side and click Add>> to add them to the group. Click OK.

  10. In the Set Camera Groups menu, click OK.
  11. The newly created group should now appear under Camera Groups. (If it does not, click Add... and then ensure that there is a green check by the group name.)

  12. In the bottom right corner of the Setup window, click Apply.