How to configure a Park Time Action on a Spectra IV PTZ camera using DS Control Point?


How to set "Park action" on a spectra from DS Control Point?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry software
  • DS ControlPoint
  • Spectra III/Spectra IV (analog)


Programming Park Action on a spectra.


Programming a Park Action from DS Control point software.

  1. On DS Control Point software Drag the spectra camera into the display layout.
  2. Click on the PTZ control icon and a PTZ menu option will appear.

  3. Move the PTZ Camera to desired location by using the arrow buttons.

  4. In the preset field, enter preset number 95 and "Press set" 
  5. The spectra menu will appear on the screen.

  6. Click the down arrow button and then click the Iris open button to enter the "DOME SETTINGS"  menu.

  7. Click the down arrow button and then Click  Iris open button to enter the "Motion" menu.

  8. Click the Down Arrow and then click the Iris open button  enter "Park Action" menu
  9. A asterisk (*) will appear next the park action.
  10. Click the Up Arrow button until you see preset 1 .
  11. Click the Iris open to exit the park action menu.
  12. Navigate to "Park time (minutes)" menu and then click Iris open button to enter menu and change to 1-720.
  13. Click the Iris open to exit Park time (minutes)
  14. Click the Down Arrow button until pointer is next the "Exit"
  15. Click the Iris open button to EXIT the preset 95 menu.
  16. Program preset 1 in control point software PTZ menu.
    Note: Spectra IP camera a  Sources and Handlers will have to be set for park action.