CM9760-MXB Matrix Bay displays a black screen when calling up cameras on monitors 13-16


In a side frame configuration coaxial cables are required to interconnect matrix bay monitor outputs to matrix bay camera inputs.  When calling up all cameras from inputs 1-256 (BAY 1) the following symptoms will occur:

  1. Black Video
  2. Camera Title missing
  3. Monitor Title present
  4. Time and Date stamps are present

Product Line

Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix


  1. CM9700 System all versions
  2. CM9760-MXBs in a side frame configuration


  1. Side frame coaxial cables are not connected
  2. CM9760-VMC card is missing CM9760-VMM modules


  1. Connect 16 sideframe coaxial cables from monitor outputs 1-16 of BAY 1 to camera inputs 1-16 of OUTPUT BAY.  In the view below the last 4 outputs and last 4 inputs may NOT be connected.
  2. Install additional CM9760-VMM modules onto the CM9760-VMC12 Monitor Output Card.  The image below depicts a CM9760-VMC12 whereas the first 12 slots are occupied by CM9760-VMM modules.  In the view below the last 4 CM9760-VMM modules may NOT be installed.