IPCT01 options and accessories.


What is a recommended external battery for the IPCT01 IP Camera Installation Tool?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • IPCT01
  • CANNON - BP-930
  • Bescor: PRB9ATM or MM9ATM
  • Digikey: ZA5073-2.5-ND
  • Bescor: ATM-PRU Battery Charger for PRB9ATM


Need to extend IPCT01 operational time due to internal battery low charge. 



The IPCT01 accessories are not sold by pelco.  There is not a part number for the hardware kit or individual items.


Power Options:

The IPCT01 IP Camera Installation Tool will support cameras with PoE IEEE802.3af, Class 2. Cameras with high power consumption (IEEE802.3at, Class 3) must use an external battery (purchased separately) with >9.0 Ah, or high capacity battery with a charger solution similar to a BP-930 battery.

The following options are available to be purchased through 3rd party venders.

Canon: BP-930

  • The BP-930 type battery (not supplied), provides a higher capacity and is required for PoE IEEE802.3at, Class 3 device.

 Bescor: PRB9ATM or MM9ATM

  • 9.0 Amp/Hour
  • 180 minutes of continuous power for 35W load
  • 6 hour charge time
  • 6 pounds weight

Bescor battery will require a cigarette lighter output conversion to 2.5 mm DC plug for physical plug connection to IPCT01.

Digikey: ZA5073-2.5-ND

  • 6' foot cable
  • 2.5 DC mm plug
  • View cable data sheet here: Cable Specs

The following Bescor product is an accessory for charging the PRB9ATM or MM9ATM from a standard 120 volt power outlet.

  • Bescor: ATM-PRU