Which options are available for VCD5202 audio output.


How is camera audio handled by the VCD5202

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • VCD5202 Version
  • KBD5000 Version 1.25


Audio can be outputted by the VCD5202 three different ways depending on setup.


The following options are available for audio output on the VCD5202.

Important Note:  Before testing audio, verify that the VCD5202 is either logged in with the admin user or other user with a "Role" that includes Services "Monitor audio"
Refer to Lessons Learned Article LL#12273 "How to configure Endura users and roles using the WS5000 software"


1. KBD5000 internal speaker (located under the KBD5000)

Figure 1.A

Note: When the KBD5000 is connected to the VCD5202 the rear line-out (Figure 1.D) of the VCD5202 is disabled and all audio is forwarded to the KBD5000.

  • The speaker volume can be adjusted by entering a volume number and pressing the AUXbutton.

Figure 1.B

2. KBD5000 Speaker line-out.

Speakers can be connected to the green color coded line-out on the rear of the KBD5000 (This will disable the KBD5000 internal speaker)

Figure 1.C



3. VCD5202 speaker line-out.

Figure 1.D


Note: This option will only work if no KBD5000 is connected to the VCD5202.

  • Volume level can be adjusted by holding CTRL and pressing the left and right arrow keys on the standard keyboard.