EVO Series Fisheye Field of View support for lens calculations.


The Evo Series support four zones of coverage:

  • Facial Recognition
  • Object Recognition 
  • Situational Awareness
  • Movement Detection 

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • EVO Series all models


  • Sales Support
  • Application and Design
  • Lens Calculation and Ranges


The Facial Recognition Zone is 5M – 9 M (15’ – 30’). In the 5M – 9M (15’ – 30’) range, people and objects are identifiable based on clothing, make and model of car, body type and other criteria.

At a counter or customer service desk, the identity of the customer is verifiable.

The <5M (15’) range is the Center of the Identification Zone.

At a range of <5M (15’) faces will be clearly visible and well defined.

A door camera mounted at this distance would be able to identify a visitor and see to the sides of the door where someone could be hiding.

At 9M (30’), faces are somewhat indistinct, but clothing, body type, and behavior are distinguishable.

Good for parking lots, lobbies and public areas.

The Object Recognition Zone is in the 9M – 40M (30’ – 120’) range.

At 40M (120’), we can begin to make out a distinct human form, and make some judgment on directionality of movement.

This is the Situational Awareness Zone in the 40M + (120’ +) range.

Beyond  40M (120’), the subject will be quite small, but motion detection and tracking will still work at this range.

Use this distance for perimeter control, break-in detection and traffic monitoring.

Example: Footage is approximate.


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