What fuse is used in an MCS Series power supply?


Remove all power from all devices before removing any covers or doors of the system. Disconnect the power at the device and at the power source.


What fuse is used in an MCS Series power supply?

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Pelco Transmission & Power


  • MCS series power supply.
  • MCS-E series


Part number for a fuse replacement in a MCS Series power supply unit.


The fuse that each power supply uses varies based on its model number and the input voltage that is being used.

Please consult the chart below in order to find the correct amperage fuse required for your model MCS power supply.


 MCS-E series (120 vac only)

The Pelco Part number for the specific fuse can be found below.

Fuse Amperage Fuse Part number
0.5 A FS01-0411-5000
1 A FS01-0411-1001G
1.5 A MCS4-2 Main and output fuse part number FS01-0411-1501
1.6 A FS01-0411-1601
3 A FS01-0411-3001
5 A FS01-0411-5001

Note: The Output Fuse size per channel that based on the model, 120VAC or 240 VAC

Modules that have B do not have output fuses that are replaceable

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Note: Click HERE for MCS Series power supply Specification Sheet