How to access the CM6800 Satellite menu from the CM9700 System.


Access the CM6800 Satellite programming menu from the CM9700 System using the CM9760-KBD / CM9760-KBR Keyboard.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • CM9700-CC1
  • CM9760-KBD
  • CM9760-KBR
  • CM6800E-48x8
  • CM6800-96x16


Access the CM6800 Satellite Programming menu from the CM9700 System


1. On the CM9760-KBD / CM9760-KBR call up a CM6800 Satellite Camera by entering the Monitor number then    hard button,

Then the Camera number and the    hard button.

 2. Select    from the Main Men

3. Enter your four-digit Define PIN (default is 1234)

4. Select    The Preset Menu appears on the LCD display.

5. Enter 89 then select the