How do you program a camera tour on ENC5416/ENC5516 output 1?


How do you program a camera tour on ENC5416 output 1?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS
  • ENC5416/ENC5516
  • DS Admin
  • DS Control Point software


Information on setting up a camera tour using DS admin software.


  1. Open DS Admin
  2. Expand the VAU(s)
  3. Expand the System name your working on.(computer icon)
  4. Expand the "Analog Outputs" folder.
  5. Select "Output 1"
  6. Select a "Layout"

  7. Drag a camera into the layout window that was selected.

  8. Select "Save MultiView"
  9. When prompted enter a name then press "Ok"
  10. Drag the MultiView Created to the Tour Menu. Then Press "Save"  

  11. Verify Vout 1 display on the back of the ENC5416.

Note: Due to by design a camera tour can only be program on output 1 in DS Admin. There is no option to program output 2 in DS Admin.

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