Amber or Red Network Activity Indicator on Endura WS5070 Workstation


The network-activity LED on a WS5070 is blinking amber or red.

The network-activity indicator

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura WS5070 workstation


The network link is running below 1 gbps. A blinking amber light indicates a speed of 100 mbps and a red light indicates a speed of 10 mbps. If it is operating normally at 1 gbps, it will blink green.


  1. Check the cabling. Verify that the cable is either category 5e or category 6.
  2. Check the port settings on the switch. Verify it is set to autonegotiate the speed. If it is already set to autonegotiate, then hard code the port to 1 gbps.